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What is KASHmirie and what does it stand for?

KASHmirie is a multifaceted platform with four verticals: Digital News portal, e-Commerce Portal, Mentorship portal, and Book Portal.

What does the e-Commerce portal of KASHmirie offer?

KASHmirie’s e-Commerce portal showcases and sells products exclusively from Jammu and Kashmir, offering a wide range of locally produced items to customers across India and worldwide.

How does KASHmirie support businesses and individuals through its Mentorship portal?

KASHmirie provides mentorship to businesses and individuals, guiding them towards growth and success.

What are the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals (17SDG), and how is KASHmirie committed to them?

KASHmirie is committed to the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals (17SDG) and actively works towards their achievement.

What kind of content can be found on KASHmirie's Digital News portal?

KASHmirie’s Digital News portal covers all events and developments across Jammu and Kashmir, featuring inspiring stories, business profiles, and case studies.

What is the focus of KASHmirie's Book Portal?

KASHmirie’s Book Portal features successful stories from Jammu and Kashmir, providing a platform to showcase the achievements of individuals and businesses from the region.

How does KASHmirie contribute to diversity and cross-border collaborations?

KASHmirie believes in diversity and fosters cross-border collaborations to promote global unity and cooperation.

Who is the founder of KASHmirie and what role does he play?

Dr. Bilal Ahmad Bhat is the founder of KASHmirie and is a global entrepreneur who plays a significant role in driving its mission and vision forward.

Where is KASHmirie's International Head Quoter located?

KASHmirie’s International Head Quoter is located in Malaysia.

How does KASHmirie promote Kashmir across India and the world?

KASHmirie opens doors for job opportunities, startups, investors, and opportunity seekers across the globe and India, promoting Kashmir’s potential and offerings.

What is the goal of KASHmirie in Jammu and Kashmir?

KASHmirie aims to benefit everyone in Jammu and Kashmir by providing opportunities for growth, development, and global exposure.

What sectors does KASHmirie cover in its Digital News portal?

KASHmirie covers all sectors, including business, culture, economy, education, and more, in its Digital News portal.

How does KASHmirie showcase businesses and individuals from Jammu and Kashmir?

KASHmirie features business profiles, success stories, and case studies to highlight the achievements and contributions of individuals and businesses from Jammu and Kashmir.

What is the significance of KASHmirie's presence in Malaysia?

KASHmirie’s presence in Malaysia strengthens its global reach and connections, facilitating international collaborations and opportunities.

What kind of products are available on KASHmirie's e-Commerce portal?
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How can KASHmirie help startups in Jammu and Kashmir?

KASHmirie provides a platform for startups to showcase their products and services, connect with investors, and access resources for growth and expansion.

How does KASHmirie contribute to the economic development of Jammu and Kashmir?

KASHmirie’s initiatives support local businesses, promote tourism, and create employment opportunities, contributing to the economic growth of Jammu and Kashmir.

What role does KASHmirie play in promoting entrepreneurship in Jammu and Kashmir?

KASHmirie provides mentorship, networking opportunities, and visibility to aspiring entrepreneurs, empowering them to succeed in their ventures.

How can individuals and businesses get involved with KASHmirie?

Individuals and businesses can get involved with KASHmirie by sharing their stories, partnering for events or initiatives, and utilizing its platform for growth and promotion.

What distinguishes KASHmirie from other platforms?

KASHmirie’s focus on promoting Kashmiri culture, supporting local businesses, and fostering global connections sets it apart from other platforms.

How does KASHmirie support youth empowerment in Jammu and Kashmir?

KASHmirie offers mentorship, training, and networking opportunities to youth in Jammu and Kashmir, empowering them to pursue their goals and aspirations.

What resources does KASHmirie offer to businesses and individuals?

KASHmirie offers access to a global ecosystem, including networking opportunities, funding resources, and educational content, to support the growth and development of businesses and individuals.

How does KASHmirie ensure the authenticity and quality of products on its e-Commerce portal?

KASHmirie carefully selects and verifies the products featured on its e-Commerce portal to ensure authenticity, quality, and fair-trade practices.

What impact does KASHmirie aim to achieve in Jammu and Kashmir?

KASHmirie aims to create a positive impact by promoting economic growth, cultural exchange, and social development in Jammu and Kashmir.

What is the vision of KASHmirie for the future?

KASHmirie envisions a future where Jammu and Kashmir is recognized globally for its rich culture, vibrant economy, and empowered communities, with KASHmirie serving as a catalyst for positive change.

How does KASHmirie engage with the global community?

KASHmirie engages with the global community through partnerships, collaborations, and participation in international events and initiatives.

What role do partnerships play in KASHmirie's mission?

Partnerships are integral to KASHmirie’s mission, enabling it to leverage resources, expertise, and networks to maximize its impact and reach.

How does KASHmirie promote sustainable development in Jammu and Kashmir?

KASHmirie promotes sustainable development by supporting eco-friendly practices, empowering local communities, and advocating for environmental conservation.

What educational initiatives does KASHmirie offer?

KASHmirie offers educational initiatives such as workshops, seminars, and online courses to empower individuals with knowledge and skills for personal and professional growth.

How does KASHmirie contribute to cultural preservation and promotion?

KASHmirie promotes Kashmiri culture through storytelling, art exhibitions, cultural events, and partnerships with cultural organizations.

What role does technology play in KASHmirie's initiatives?

Technology is leveraged by KASHmirie to connect people, streamline processes, and enhance accessibility to its platform and resources.

How does KASHmirie address social issues in Jammu and Kashmir?

KASHmirie addresses social issues through awareness campaigns, community outreach, and support for initiatives that promote social justice and equality.

How can individuals support KASHmirie's mission?

Individuals can support KASHmirie’s mission by engaging with its platform, sharing their stories, participating in events, and advocating for its initiatives.

How does KASHmirie ensure inclusivity and diversity in its operations?

KASHmirie prioritizes inclusivity and diversity by fostering an inclusive environment, embracing diverse perspectives, and promoting equal opportunities for all.

What role does storytelling play in KASHmirie's communication strategy?

Storytelling is central to KASHmirie’s communication strategy, enabling it to connect with audiences, inspire action, and amplify voices from Jammu and Kashmir.

How does KASHmirie support local artisans and craftsmen?

KASHmirie supports local artisans and craftsmen by providing a platform to showcase their work, access markets, and preserve traditional craftsmanship.

What initiatives does KASHmirie undertake to promote entrepreneurship?

KASHmirie undertakes initiatives such as entrepreneurship programs, startup incubation, and access to funding to support aspiring entrepreneurs in Jammu and Kashmir.

How does KASHmirie collaborate with government initiatives?

KASHmirie collaborates with government initiatives by aligning its goals and activities with government priorities, leveraging resources, and supporting implementation efforts.

What role does community engagement play in KASHmirie's approach?

Community engagement is integral to KASHmirie’s approach, ensuring that its initiatives are responsive to community needs, preferences, and aspirations.

How does KASHmirie measure its impact and success?

KASHmirie measures its impact and success through key performance indicators, feedback from stakeholders, and evaluation of outcomes against its objectives and targets.